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If influences have led you to believe that yoga is about wrapping your feet around your head or holding a plank for what feels like eternity, I'm here to break that yoga mold.


There is no one yoga that is suitable for everyone. Some forms are more active and stimulating for the muscles; others are more passive and target deeper connective tissues. It's important to understand, no matter what form you're looking at, yoga is never about uncomfortable extremes. Everyone is capable of finding their path and enjoying yoga, no matter your physical or mental makeup. Whether you're looking to stretch, restore, strengthen, meditate, or just explore a new exercise, yoga welcomes you. Yoga offers comfort in options and no judgement. Yoga is for you. 

Karen Klubertanz \\ Tel: 484-554-4601

Thanks so much for your message. I will be in touch as soon as possible. Namaste.

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