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Save the Date: Good Scents: Relaxation and Body Care for Holiday Bliss (Dec. 7)

How would you like to transform stress into bliss? At the this extra special Lifestyle Seminar, the evening will begin with gentle yoga, breathing, and relaxation. Attendees will then have a chance to sample artisan skin care products with demonstrations by Monica Dech of Betula's Botanica. There is a complimentary lotion bar included with registration. Tis the season for gifting so consider purchasing the class for someone you love!

WHO: Karen Klubertanz of Five Paths Yoga & Monica Dech of Betula's Botanica

WHAT: Good Scents: Relaxation and Body Care for Holiday Bliss

WHERE: Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031

WHEN: Wednesday, December 7, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHY: Stress can cause quite the wear and tear on your body, and it always seems to peak around the holidays. Take a moment to treat yourself, your friends, family, or a special someone. You won't regret it and you'll love the complimentary lotion bar.

HOW: Sign up on Five Paths Yoga's website

COST: $25 pre-register; $30 day of


  • Yoga Session

  • Artisan Skin Product Sampling

  • Lotion Bar

Betula’s Botanica hand crafts artisan soaps and body care in small batches with pure natural ingredients! With the increasing trend of conscientiously using body care products made with natural ingredients, Betula’s Botanica is known for offering a large variety of products ranging from beautiful cold process soaps to lip balms, natural deodorants, sugar scrubs, bath oils, mineral bath salts, essential oils plus many more items that the whole family can appreciate!

Back in 2009, Monica Dech, owner and soap maker, started with a small 4# batch of a very plain soap called Sweet Earth. What it lacked in visual appeal was made up for in the essential oil blend. Sweet Earth sold quickly and became a catalyst for Betula’s Botanica. During the first year, 5 additional essential oil blends were offered along with harmonizing sugar scrubs. In subsequent years, the variety of soaps has grown to over 40 different blends including seasonal favorites for the holidays! In order to round out the selection, additional lines such as natural bug repellents and deodorants were added in 2014 and 2015 and a foot care package in mid-2016.


  1. Go to Five Path's "Classes" page.

  2. Make sure the "Group Services" tab is selected (it should naturally fall on that tab when you go to the classes page).

  3. Select the middle category under the Group Services tab. It's labeled "Special Seminar @ Twin Ponds"

  4. Click the "Join" button that corresponds with the "DEC. 7 SEMINAR: Relaxation and Body Care" class.

  5. On the next page, select the time and click the "Next" button on the right.

  6. On the next page, enter your information and click "Book It".



"If you're not using one of her sugar scrubs after you shave, you're not shaving correctly. Your skin will be super soft and smooth afterwards. Also works really well on dry skin. I've used other sugar scrubs and none have left my skin feeling this great."

"I grabbed the shaving soap and beard oil (for my moustache) last week. I almost didn't want to use the shaving soap for a while because of the aroma it left in my bathroom. So glad I did. It's the absolute best shave I've had. It lathers nice and smells amazing. The oil has left my moustache with a healthy shine and looking great. It's not too heavy that it makes my curls droop, but heavy enough to saturate and protect. I don't think I've lost any hairs to split ends recently. I'll know further down the line of it promotes growth. Thank you so much for chatting with me at the Farmer's Market and introducing me to your products."

"We've tried various products from Monica and have loved every one of them! She uses gentle, all-natural ingredients that smell amazing without being overwhelming. Great stuff!!"

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